We asses historical performance and current position of the venue, and help set strategic objectives for the coming 12 months. We identify how we aim to achieve these goals both from a marketing, operational, and financial perspective. We conduct quarterly reviews of the plan to assess success levels, making modifications where necessary.


We create, design, implement and measure marketing and promotional activity in line with the strategic plan of the venue. This includes both campaign creation (in-house and mainstream media) and booking of advertising placement.


A more in-depth analysis of financials with weekly and monthly reporting and KPI analysis and benchmarking. We set financial budgets and cash flow budgets, then manage these areas of the business. The finance team also assist with all non-inventory based supplier deals. We act as liaison between business and financier as well as other interested stakeholders such as ATO, accountants, shareholders or members.


We prepare all staff contracts, induction plans, training plans and ensure the business is meeting all Federal award requirements.


We oversee the day-to-day running of the venue. We provide recruitment for suitable employees and ensure all staff are working efficiently. We implement structures and systems that will see the venue trading at maximum capacity with a high focus on customer service as well as staff wellbeing.


The basic admin package includes everything from daily banking and take sheets through to monthly general ledger reconciliations and preparation of BAS statements.


We oversee all product creation lists including beverages, food menus, function packs etc. We implement tight stock control systems including regular stock takes. We negotiate all top line supplier deals and ensure the venue is reaping the benefit of fleet purchasing conditions.


We ensure that at all times the business is operating within the boundaries of all Local, State and Federal laws. We ensure that our team are always highly informed as to any legislative changes well before they occur.


From sourcing a venue, to conducting financial and other due diligence, to negotiating the deal, right through to settlement, we ensure the process results in a great deal for the client. We also aid with financing the deal via either bank funding and/or shareholder equity and/or venture capital.


We assist with engagement of services as well as the design of any planned renovations, then oversee the completion of the works.


We process and pay all employee benefits in line with awards and or negotiated contracts. This includes monthly super and payroll tax calculations as well as annual Workcover returns.